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not condoning the behavior of the audience. but the dude went to brown. if it was at a police man's ball, it was shocking. going there and then complaining about how they reacted it like going to the olive garden and saying there are way too many bread sticks here. i don't like how many bread sticks are there. >> you go to a university -- >> any you have the. -- any university. >> are you lowering expectations. the expectations shouldn't be that low. they should be higher at a university when people want to come in and present a point of view and especially when the students are given a chance to present a point of view. i don't agree with stop and frisk. we talked about it. i think the way the nypd doing is is not good. they invited him to speak though and let him speak. >> are you talking about how it should be. i am talking about how it is. can i do that again? i want to do it with more sass. i'm talking about how it is! >> a fellow my size likes that many bread sticks. >> i love the olive garden. i am in no way besmirching the olive garden. >> bill doesn't eat the bread sticks. >> ei
't have to say anything. >> i can just sit here and go wa, wa, wa. >> charlie brown's hot teacher. >> can you go back just briefly? that's my hand and you can tell it is not right for the body. >> now it is time for "red eye"'s bookshelf of the day. it is nice you can fit a lot of books on there. it is sponsored by cart wheels. the circular hand springs with the arms and legs extended. thanks, cart wheels. coming up, what is the "entourage" movie. it wonders the same thing about you. >>> what is the meaning of their demeaning? new research from canada claims that women use, quote, indirect aggression on succeed and it is rooted in human's evolutionary paths. tracy valencort say females spread rumors rumors and back stab and take others out of groups. and they evolve that way because it works. because women were responsible for child bearing they were less expendable and couldn't risk settling disputes with physical fights. they found other ways clearly we must discuss in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> brooke, i noticed one thing. you have no girlfriends. >> i a
. other than that, brown face unacceptable. >> it is okay for miley cyrus to dress us as michelle backman to twerk and use the finger. >> you shouldn't make fun of crazy people either. >> that should not require sensitivity training. >> that's not black face though. >> that's whack face. up top. no? >> sorry, i went back to the obama one. >> well, once you do that, you don't go back. >> oh really? >> i want to ask you a question about diversity training. how does one become a diversity trainer? the only way is probably to watch a collection of dvd's of "a different world." >> that's probably exactly how it happened. >> that introduced me to the wonderful world of diversity. all people of different types living together. >> no marisa tomei was the token white. she was the only white girl in the entire show for the first season. her and lisa bonnett left because nobody knew what that was about. >> i learned about it in "friends." >> i learned about it in it's a small world at disney. >> i did a lot of things there. >> and that's why you are no longer allowed to it's a small world. >> it was
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)